Enabling the Dinner Party

As with Gifting, continually encouraging your customers to host small dinner parties or cater that next club meeting is a great way to boost sales and potentially introduce your products and services to new customers without spending a dime. Strive to solve your customer’s challenges with solutions involving your food.

Ever wanted to host an intimate dinner party but didn't have the time to get out in front of it? FEAST can help you pull together everything you need to create a delicious evening of culinary discovery and memorable exchange with family and friends. Let us deliver everything you need right to your door and take the task of cooking right off your counter!

We can package and deliver anything on the current menu as a special order for just about any number of people or start with a blank sheet. Either way, just contact us at 713.858.5468 or INFO@FEAST-BRANDS.COM and let us know what you need.