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		Sustainable living.


Sometimes it's nice to just slow down and treat yourself or someone you care about to something special.

FEAST Specialty Foods is a local Jackson company that creates and delivers fully prepared, oven-ready artisanal dinners to your door each week with a healthy focus on flavor and authenticity, never a predetermined regimen.

Let us show you what is possible with home meal delivery when attention to detail, quality, and taste are the driving forces. We think you'll be pleased with the results!

Camille Peeples, Owner & Executive Chef

After many years in the design world in Houston, Texas, and with a lifelong passion for fine food, I founded a small dinner delivery service there in 2011 that quickly touched a lot of appetites and food lovers. After relocating to Jackson in 2014, I reopened as FEAST Specialty Foods with the same spirit and drive to quality.