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Balanced Nutrition

Each week, we include a selection of nutritionally-balanced dinners along with our regular Dinner-for-Two menu choices that are considered lower calorie and lower sodium as determined by one of our partner professionals. A single-serving macronutrient break-out is provided for your convenience in the ingredients section of these meals so you can track total calories, fat, protein and carbohydrates. These dinners are easily recognizable by the icon.

Playing off these same balanced choices each week, we offer a parallel selection of perfectly proportioned grab & go meals for the local fitness industry and corporate environments. These super convenient and deliciously healthy meals are designed to complement demanding workouts and supplement busy work schedules. Please inquire if these may be a solution for you or your organization!

FEAST also executes prescribed meal prep for those customers who work directly with professional dietitians and nutritionists. Each customer has a unique objective, for example, to lose or gain weight, or to prepare for a particular athletic competition. Whether one or two meals a day or each-and-every meal week after week, we consistently execute and deliver for numerous customers exactly as prescribed. We can introduce you to our partners who can discuss plan options with you.