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This is the full-up retail website of the FEAST Specialty FoodsTM business model and all it has to offer, and now it can be yours.  Through a process called mirroring, an exact copy of the site is created with your new domain name.  Then, whether you use our name or your own for your new business, we work directly with you to update each page with compelling content and images that reflect your specific business objectives and that speak to your target market.  

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Customer Testimonials

We have enjoyed every meal that has been brought to our house. Every dish is delicious. Thanks for making our bodies healthier and our lives so much easier.

Jim R.

Just wanted you to know that we really enjoyed the dinners you delivered on Wednesday. I've tried several other services and your recipes and skills are by far the best.

Emily M.

Wednesdays are my favorite night! Always a delicious dinner and it’s delivered right to my doorstep!

Kerry N.

We think you provide a great service that supplements our own cooking. Your meals are as good as any restaurant and fairly priced.

Pauline H.

Divine, I say, DIVINE. Treat yourself or a loved one. If you don't love her lasagna, we can't be friends!

Laurin S.


Fully prepared, oven-ready and deliciously healthy artisanal dinners for two people delivered chilled Wednesday and Thursday afternoons that include an entrée, a salad or vegetable, and a side, all individually packaged. We also offer lighter selections each week, also for two people, such as cool salad entrées and distinctive soups.  Several quality frozen food options are also available.

Why for two people? Because family and social interaction is just as important to good health as diet and exercise are!


How FEAST Works

Step One
Look for our menu emailed each Wednesday morning and submit your order by 8 PM Sunday. No subscriptions and never an obligation!

Step Two
Complimentary deliveries Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Not at home at delivery time? Just leave a suitably-sized, ice-filled cooler out for us.

Step Three
Heat in your oven using our easy, no-muss instructions. Most of our fresh Dinners-for-Two are ready to serve in less than 25 minutes.

Step Four
That's it! Relax, pour a glass of wine (optional!), and enjoy a delicious, handmade Dinner-for-Two from FEAST Specialty Foods.

<div class='vol-title-divider' data-se='bgc(color1)'></div>Sustainable living.

Balanced Nutrition.

For those of you interested in more nutritional specificity, FEAST has partnered with professional dieticians and nutritionists to create delicious new food products with balanced ingredients and verified macronutrient counts so you can be confident in your intake. Whether for health, fitness or just a more consistent, disciplined approach to eating, our nutritionally-balanced meals are a great solution!


Get in Touch Anytime

We are here to answer your questions about our dinners and other fine food products, help enable your next killer dinner party or anything else you may want to visit about.

We don't use anonymous contact forms: we're local, we live in the neighborhood, and we'll personally pick up the phone and answer when you call (or email).

Write to Us

PO Box 1900   Westminster MD 21158

Telephone Us

7 1 3 . 8 5 8 . 5 4 6 8

Our kitchen is our lab.

Located in historic Midtown just west of the Millsaps College campus, our custom-designed commercial kitchen facility is our atelier and home away from home. Roomy and immediately welcoming, it provides inspiration for new ideas and collaboration amongst our dedicated staff and colleagues.